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EIMS® 9.0 ERP Software, An integrated cloud based solution for School & College with Online Payment, SMS, Barcode, Access Control / RFID, Smart Card, Android Application & Dynamic WebPortal (CMS)

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EIMS®9.0 ERP Software

EIMS® ERP Software, An integrated cloud solution for complete computerization of School & College, build on the most futuristic and highly sophisticated "Java" environment, denoted as EIMS® - Educational Institute Management System. The solution is easy to use web based software created specifically for the management and administration of private and public institutions. The solution has been implemented in many prominent and reputed School & College across country. EIMS® is best software for Nursery Schools, Graded Schools , Colleges, Institutes, Engineering Colleges, Management Colleges, Medical Colleges, Degree Colleges.

Cloud ERP for Institution

The software covers the entire student life cycle from registration to school leaving. The core of the software revolves around academics, social, analytic as well as reporting with the help of core modules and technology plug-in's

The concept of EIMS® - Educational Institutes Management System, aims not only at achieving operational excellence in Institutions, but also make its stakeholders, the beneficiaries of the system. As EIMS® concept provides number of option through which, an Institution can share the information stored within with the Parents and other bodies and also make them feel to be a part of the Institution itself.

EIMS® concept includes the following technology elements:

 An integrated Software Solution
 Technology Plug-in's
 A dynamic and interactive Web Portal
 Student/ Parent / Staff Portal
 Mobile Application

Integerated Software Core Modules

Student Registration

Student Admission

Fee Management

Library Management

Result Management

Board Analysis

Student I-Cards

Student Attendance

Activity Management

Student Certificate

Human Resource

Internal Messaging

Front Office

Lecture Planing

Task Manager

Custom MIS


Why EIMS®9.0 Is Special (Technology Plug-in's)

Technically speaking, all the products and services of EIMS® are strictly adhered to all quality norms laid by the International and Indian IT industry. Every care has been taken to make software work entirely under Indian business environment and scenario.

Apart from core modules EIMS®9.0 also have additional technology plug-in's which make it as most advanced and futuristic software with experience of more than decades. The application work as a bridge between students, parents, staff and Institution with help of these technology.

Dynamic Web Portal- CMS

Is independent webbased CMS for Institutions like Schools , Colleges, Institutes, Engineering, Management, Medical, Degree College.

Online Fee Payment

Online Fee Payment provides option to Parents to pay the Fees Online via various payment instruments like Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Net Banking.

Interactive SMS

Oneway information broadcasting tool to provide Institute/ Organization related information to the students/ parents/ visitors/staff on their mobile

Smart Card

Applications can benefit from the added features and security that smart cards provide. It can be used for Smart Identity Card,Library Card,Fees Payment etc.

Access Control System (Biometric / RFID)

Access control means restricting the entry of unauthorized person(s) or employee(s)/student(s) to a particular section of the organization


This solution provides up-to-the-minute data for tracking vehicles with Online Alerts: Provides critical alerts such as over speeding, acceleration/ deceleration, unauthorized stoppages etc


EIMS® incorporate barcode for various purpose like library, stock verification, student card, library card, transport card, Hostel card and staff id cards etc to maintain the integrity and security.

Mobile App

EIMS® App provides synopsis of day to day performance and growth of their Ward in all phases like Academic, Social, Psychological and Co-curricular front in the Institution at single point.

A Dynamic & Interactive Web Portal

Web Based Content Management System (CMS) That Allows Institution Like University, College And School To Fully Maintain Web Sites With Absolute Ease. With Our CMS Vast Utility And Modules You Can Easily Manage Your Day To Day Functionality Up-To-Date.

CMS For school and college come up with state of art CMS application build with Proven, flexible, seamless and advance Java Framework with data and image edition tool, rich text editor, permission control functionalty etc. It Help institution to save money and improve their reach to students, parents, staff and teachers.

Custom Design

We at dynamic webportal i.e CMS for school and college provide custom design to cater client satisfaction

Data & Image Editing

At dynamic webportal i.e CMS for school and college you can easily edit data and image according to your choice.

Permission Control

Each section at dynamic webportal i.e CMS for school and college is controled by permission control mechanism.

Mobile Optimized

We create responsive & bootstrap webportal for our clients which is fully mobile optimized.


An SMS Plug-in by which you can send sms to students, parent, staff and teacher with unique 6 digit name.

Payment Gateway

Registration & Fee can be collected online via various payment methods like Credit, Debit Cards & Net Banking.

Rich Text Editor

Our Rich Text Editor provide mechanism by which you can easily do formatting of text and image.

Proven, flexible, and seamless options

All Design created by us are flexible, seamless & responsive, which fits to all devices.

Dynamic Features

College Web Portal Features

  • Users / Login & Rights
  • Director's Message
  • General Message
  • News & Events (General & Department wise)
  • Examination Setting Plan
  • Short Attendance List (Department Wise)
  • Dynamic Staff Profile
  • Academic Calendar
  • Tutorials (General & Department Wise)
  • Photo Gallery
  • Computer Magazine
  • Video Clips Gallery
  • Awards & Achievement
  • Internship
  • Placement Schedule
  • Question Bank (Subject & Department wise)
  • Important Links (Department wise)
  • Applications for Job
  • Parents Forum
  • Counseling
  • Career Guidance
  • Post a Job Vacancy
  • Upload Results
  • Alumni Registration
  • Alumni Event

School Web Portal Fetaures

    Users / Login & Rights
  • Principal Message
  • News
  • Assignments
  • Student Login
  • Student Profile
  • Student Fee
  • Student Attendance
  • Student Results
  • Bulletin Board
  • Examination Setting Plan
  • Academic Calendar
  • Tutorials
  • Question Bank
  • School Events
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Clips Gallery
  • Achievement
  • Alumni Registration
  • Alumni Events
  • Dynamic Staff Profile
  • Counseling
  • Career Guidance
  • Computer Magazine
  • Upload Results
  • Applications for Job
  • Post a Job Vacancy

Parent/ Staff Portal & APP

A privilege being provided to all the Parents/ Guardians through a secured User ID & Password System, to get synopsis of all the day - today performance and growth of their Ward in all phases i.e. their Academic, Social, Psychological and Co-curricular front in the Institution. Here, they will be able to access the information of Students Profile, his detailed Fees account, his Term wise and Daily attendance and his appraisal report i.e. result statement along with the comparative graphical analysis – Term wise and Subject wise, which enables them to get evaluate the students performance in the Class and last but not the least his performance in various Co-curricular activities organized in the Institution



Web Based School & College Management Software

Awesome Features

Multi School / College
Multi Session
Role Based Access
1000's Of Reports

Pricing Plan

Basic Plan

Up to 5 users

limited updates

Free host & domain

Basic CMS

Email/ Online Support

Standard Plan

Up to 10 users

limited updates

Free host & domain

Standard CMS

Email/ Online Support

Advanced Plan

Up to 15 users

Unlimited updates

Free host & domain

Advanced CMS

Email/ Online Support

Enterprise Plan

Up to 25 users

Unlimited updates

Free host & domain

Mighty CMS

Email/ Online/ Onsite Support

What Client Say's about us

“ I have been using it for a number of years. I use EIMS® for my institution to manage all departments. It's great for automation of engineering college and get timely and accurate data ”

Echelon Institute Of Technology

“ I use EIMS® from many years. It's best ERP Software for institution like us which provide quality of education and give world class facilities”

Samalkha Group Of Institution

“ Best Design and Developed and Managed software in india which is running successfully from decades now. the accuracy of software and up time is the best thing u get”

SGTB Kalsa College University Of Delhi

“ Best of software in field of institution management software with advance option, user configurable entity and thousands of reports”

Kirori Mal College University Of Delhi
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